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Providing premium choose and cut Christmas trees since 1985

The Hober Tree Farm

About the Hober Tree Farm

The idea started as a hobby by Richard and Elizabeth Hober to provide summer work for their five children Rick, Mike, Joe, Tom, and Kim.

This quaint tree farm is scattered throughout the former Patchinville Estate and runs along Old Mill Creek. What started as a family hobby has evolved into a successful business providing quality trees for the holiday season!

The importance of family was the reason this business was started and remains its common theme.

The Patchinville Estate

The farm is located on the Patchinville Estate, which is an important historical landmark in Wayland New York. Sallie Patchin moved to upstate New York from Pennsylvania after marrying in the early 20th century. Having studied art in Paris, she enjoyed painting various types of baskets as a hobby, such as sewing baskets and picnic baskets.

Over time these painted baskets became increasingly popular and have maintained their value even to this day. Sallie's baskets have become collectors items and are still valued for several hundreds of dollars amongst collectors.

Patchinville Estate

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The Hobers Invite You to Come Share in Their Family Tradition

Located conveniently off of the expressway in Wayland New York. Come visit us to start an annual holiday tradition of your own and find the perfect tree for your family!

2452 County Route 90
Wayland, NY 14572

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