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Providing premium choose and cut Christmas trees since 1985

Our Trees

Our Trees

Our trees are grown and maintained by the Hober family to ensure we offer the highest quality, best looking trees in the area. Our goal is to provide you with a tree that will be the perfect centerpiece for your holiday season. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of happy customers we're sure you'll find the tree you're looking for.

We offer a wide variety of Christmas trees at The Hober Tree Farm. All of our trees are competitively priced at $50.00 under 10 feet, %70 for 10 - 12 feet, and $100 for 12 feet and above. Our selection of premium firs includes trees of all sizes such as: Douglas, Fraser, Concolour, Balsam, and Grand Fir.


Douglas fir trees can grow to be from 70 to 250 feet tall. These firs have dark green / blue needles which are soft and about 1 inches long. The needles from a Douglas fir can be crushed to release a sweet scent. Their needles spread in many directions and their branches are spread apart.


Fraser fir trees can grow to be up to 80 feet tall. Their needles are dark green and blue-green and they tend to retain their needles well. Their branches tend to point straight outward or point upwards at an angle which make them look quite condensed.


Concolour fir trees can grow to heights between 130 and 150 feet tall. Because of their color they are also sometimes referred to as White firs. Similar to the Douglas fir, the Concolour fir trees also have needles of about 1 inch long.

Grand Fir

Grand fir trees are one of the taller types of Christmas trees and can grow to be 300 feet tall. Their needles can be as long as 1 and a half inches long and their limbs grow in distinct rows.


Balsam fir trees usually grow to heights between 40 and 60 feet tall. Its needles tend to be slender, dark green cones.

The Hobers Invite You to Come Share in Their Family Tradition

Located conveniently off of the expressway in Wayland New York. Come visit us to start an annual holiday tradition of your own and find the perfect tree for your family!

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